We are the Reliable Company.  Our mission is to make CBD affordable for everybody, especially for people 50 and over. 

The company was started by two guys over 50 who used CBD but suspected the CBD products offered online and in stores was way overpriced.  Sure enough, their research indicated that by sourcing the lowest cost high quality CBD and keeping our operational costs to an absolute minimum we could offer the same products at substantially lower prices, in fact they could offer the lowest cost CBD products in the market.

Not only did they see a good business opportunity, but it was also an opportunity to make CBD far more affordable for everybody, especially for folks age 50+.  This became their mission.

Cutting CBD prices is helpful for everybody, but especially to older people.  They need CBD the most but can afford it the least.  As we age, we get more ailments from which we need relief.  And older people on limited or fixed incomes often don’t have the disposable income to buy the CBD they need to get the relief they want.  The Reliable Company is, and will continue to be, committed to helping those 50+ get the CBD they need at the lowest price.

Our commitment to helping people 50 and over is not limited to lowest prices.  All our employees are also over 50.  And we will contribute a share of our profits in products donated to community Seniors Programs to provide CBD relief to those in need with no money to pay.

The Reliable Company, the company that believes in the benefits of CBD and wants everyone to have a chance to enjoy its benefits at the lowest prices anywhere.


  • We source our CBD products from U.S. suppliers who meet our high quality and low cost standards. WE DO NOT SKIMP ON QUALITY!  Our lowest prices do not mean lower quality!  All our products are made from industrial hemp grown in the USA on State regulated farms and processed in the USA in FDA Food Certified facilities.  And the products we receive are tested in registered independent testing laboratories so you can be assured what is on the label is what is in the bottle or jar. 
  • We tightly control our operating costs. Keeping it simple. No fancy packaging, no frills delivery, no fancy offices, no executive cars, (you get the idea).  We are continuously looking for ways to cut costs and expenses and pass those savings on to our customers. 
  • Unlike so many in this industry we don’t see selling CBD online as a get-rich quick scheme.  We are old school business people. We believe in fair prices for good products. They want to make big profits on few sales while we are satisfied with lower profits on lots of sales.