Join One of Our Three CBD Affiliate Programs

Our CBD Affiliates Programs are designed to offer individuals and businesses a risk-free opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market. Each affiliate earns 15% commission on a customers first purchase and future purchases (see below). We have three affiliate programs to choose from.

Website Owner CBD Affiliates

Informational, review and deal websites earn 15% on clicks-through orders with a 30-day tracking cooking. If customers create an account, affiliates can earn commission on any orders placed by the customer within a year. Coupon codes are available upon request. Some restrictions apply. Click the button below to apply.

Individual CBD Affiliates

Reliable Relief customers and individuals can be an affiliate and earn 15% commission when referring their friends, family and followers. We provide unique links, coupon codes and marketing materials to help drive new customers to our website. Click the button below to apply.

Local Business CBD Affiliates

Business owners can offer their customers affordable, low-cost CBD without any up-front investment and earn 15% commission on any customer using their coupon code or affiliate link. For approved business affiliate we provide an initial countertop/wall display and printed coupons for your stores customers. Click the button below to apply.

How We Support Our CBD Affiliates

CBD affiliates are similar to a referral program but we make it easier for you use and earn more money with less effort. Our CBD Affiliates make their money as a commission on purchases made by the people they refer to our website. We provide the tools to make earning that money as easy as possible. 

Social Media

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Affiliates earn a 15% commission based on sales and future sales of any customers they refer.

Affiliate Links

Each affiliate is given a custom link to our home page and a URL builder for making URLs that point to other pages on our website.

Discount Codes

Each affiliate is given unique coupon codes to encourage customers to buy Reliable Relief CBD products and save money.

Marketing Materials

We make several marketing materials available to affiliates at no cost such as coupons, displays, and reproduceable customized brochures, business cards and magnet images.

Free Shipping

Free USPS shipping to customers.

Override on Sub Affiliate Sales

Every affiliate can sign up other affiliates. We offer a 5% commission on a sub-affiliates direct sales.

Affiliate Dashboard

Log in and view traffic, sales and other important information on-demand.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

The Reliable Company offers an exceptional affiliate program for everyone. With our low low prices, high quality products, satisfaction guarantees and Price Match Guarantee. As an affiliate, you do not need to make any investment and can earn 15% on orders from the people who you refer to our website using your affiliate link or affiliate coupon. 


Apply to become a website, individual, business or healthcare provider affiliate.


We review your request and if approved email your affiliate information to you.


Share/display your affiliate link and coupon codes to earn commissions.

Why Partner with Reliable Relief?

The Reliable Company pays affiliate commissions monthly. We pay by check. CBD affiliates need to provide the name and address where payments will be mailed. Commissions are paid after the 30 day guarantee period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Reliable Company Affiliate Program work?

You simply sign up for one of our programs. Once you are approved, you will receive login credentials for our website. When you refer people to using your affiliate link or affiliate coupon code, you will be paid 15% of their purchases. (See Affiliate Terms for payment details)

Does it cost anything to join your affiliate program?

No, but we do offer marketing merchandise to help you earn more commissions.

How old do I have to be?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any of our CBD affiliates programs.

What are your affiliate terms?

Visit our affiliate terms page.

Do I need a business license or have to pay sales tax?

No.  Affiliates do not have to have a business license.  Any required sales taxes are collected by The Reliable Company, not the affiliate.

When to CBD Affiliates get paid?

The Reliable Company pays affiliate commissions monthly. We pay by check. CBD affiliates need to provide the name and address where payments will be mailed. Commissions are paid after the 30 day guarantee period.

Is there an Affiliate login on your website?

Yes. Once approved we will send you an email with your login credentials and link to our affiliate area where you can get a status on your affiliate traffic, earnings and payments.

What is your policy for accepting affiliates?

We are looking for people and businesses that recognize the value that CBD offers to people with anxiety, depression, pain and other disorders. Business affiliates must have a office, store or similar business with walk-in customers .

How do I sign up for the Reliable Company Affiliate Program?

Start by clicking on one of the Join Now buttons near the top of this page.

Do I need a website/blog to participate in the Affiliate Program?

Website affiliates are required to have a website. Individual, business or healthcare provider affiliates are not required to have a website.

What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate?

To be a good ambassador when promoting Reliable Relief CBD products.

Can I be in a competitor’s affiliate program as well as yours?


Do you accept International Affiliates?

The Reliable Company only sells products to customers in the United States. If you are outside the US, we will review your request to join and follow up accordingly.