A unique partner program for Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

Give your patients affordable non-prescription, non-opioid relief from pain and discomfort and get supplemental income on every Reliable Relief CBD purchase they make.

Keep reading to learn about our Recommending Partner Program.

Relieve Pain and Increase Income With Zero Investment!

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Do any of these apply to you?

  • Your patients resort to prescriptions and opioids with significant side effects to relieve their pain
  • You’re limited to recommending OTC pain relievers when something more effective is indicated
  • Your patients request CBD but you cannot or do not want to stock it
  • Your patients buy CBD, but not from you
  • Stocking CBD products is too expensive
  • You don’t want the hassle, required shelf space and extra accounting of stocking products
  • CBD suppliers don’t offer useful marketing and promotional assistance  

Introducing our Recommending Partner program.

Relieve your patients’ pain and discomfort while they are at your office, plus between visits and after treatments end, without spending money, wasting space, or the hassle of stocking CBD products in the office?

Simply recommend your patients buy Reliable CBD products to get the relief they need at affordable prices shipped free to their door, and we pay you 25% of their online purchases now and in the future. You’ll get happier patients and extra income with no hassle and no investment.

Here’s how it works with no investment…

  1. Sign up as a Recommending Partner and get your unique Provider Code.
  2. Tell your patient about Reliable Relief and give them your Provider Code.
  3. When they use your Provider Code to buy products on our website (or Option 1 below), you get 25% of that and any future purchases they, their friends, their family or anyone who uses your Provider Code makes.

Simple isn’t it? It sure seems that way but we know that patients will want information to take with them which is why we offer a few options to help you sell and earn more.

Option 1: Our Super Easy Method… take the hassle out of using a Provider Code. 

For $20 a year, get a custom website domain name that is easy for you and your patients to remember. 

Instead of the buyer having to remember and enter your Provider Code, your “easy to remember” custom website domain will automatically go to our website and apply your Provider Code for them.

The magic to making this work is to use a friendly and easy to remember website name that uses your name or your practice name combined with “relief” in the website name.

For example, instead of telling patients to go to www.reliablereliefcbd.com and use your Provider Code during checkout, you can say to them “go to Doctor Tim’s relief dot com” (https://drtimsrelief.com), where they never need to remember and enter a Provider Code and you are automatically credited with the sale.

Option 2: Promote Reliable CBD products with Personalized Displays and Handouts

We will give you free files containing all our marketing materials customized to your practice for you to print locally, or we can print them for you in a Starter Kit for $50 (including shipping), your choice. These materials include informational lobby displays headlined “Ask Your Doctor If CBD Is Right For You” or personalized with “Ask Dr Tim if CBE is Right For You” (kit includes display stand), Call To Action wall displays (we can supply optional wall holders), patient hand-outs containing your Provider Code and optional Personalized domain (Kit includes 200 hand-outs), and a Healthcare CBD reference guide.

Option 3: Get Video Loops for Your Lobby TV

As a supplement to your lobby display, video loops playing on a video player will generate far more interest in CBD than lobby displays alone. Our video loop is included in the Starter Kit or can be purchased for $10.

Option 4: Email and Social Media Templates

Templates can be used for emails or social media posts to announce new and special offerings, generate sales from past patients and encourage refills

Remind Patients that they get Free Shipping to their Door

Patients get free shipping on all their online orders.

If you are interested in stocking Reliable Relief CBD, our Selling Partners Get 50% off List Price plus all the benefits of a Recommending Partner.


Why Should I Recommend Reliable Relief CBD?

Because it works!

CBD gives most people relief from occasional or chronic pain, anxiety and stress, sleep disorders and other discomforts.

CBD offers an all-natural safe and effective first-use alternative to using opioids and other medications with their significant known side effects.

Reliable Relief CBD products give your patients more affordable options and give you supplemental income with no investment required.


Can CBD Relieve Many Symptoms?

CBD is mainly used to relieve discomfort from pain (58%), anxiety/stress (25%), sleep/insomnia (11%) and other ailment discomfort (25%).

A general overview of indications for CBD use are listed in our CBD Reference For Healthcare Providers guide.


Do CBD Users Say CBD Works As Well As Prescription and OTC Medications?

Users say so. 6 of 10 users report CBD is much more effective, more effective or equally effective as their prescription medications while 3 of 4 report the same results over their OTC medications. 1 of 5 of users say they have replaced their medications with CBD while another 3 of 10 report using CBD in addition to their medications.


Does CBD Have Any Significant Side Effects?

Unlike many prescription medications CBD has no reported significant side effects and Reliable CBD products do not require a prescription.

However, ingestible forms of CBD such as tinctures, capsules and gummies may increase the potency of medications metabolized by the liver which may require monitoring of those medication’s effects for possible reduction in their dosage. Ingestible CBD products should not be combined with certain medications such as warfarin or drugs that induce sleepiness (excessive use of CBD could cause additional drowsiness). Common CBD interactions, side effects and dosage are listed in our CBD Reference For Healthcare Providers. Note that topical CBD products such as creams and lotions are not metabolized by the liver so are far less likely to have any effect on the potency of prescription medications.

Our hemp-farm partners are 100% compliant with all State Department of Agriculture regulations. Our CBD is extracted from highest grade, non-GMO, pesticide-free, organically grown industrial hemp processed in FDA registered facilities using Good Manufacturing Processes. Every product displays a QR-Code that when scanned directs you to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) by an independent 3rd party testing lab verifying what you see on the label is what is in the container.

Are There Different Types of CBD?

No. CBD is CBD.

However, there are different types of CBD products. These can generally be divided into those made from pure CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD extracts. All come from industrial hemp plants which are not marijuana but a legal distant cousin. Full Spectrum extract contains all the components in the plant including THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid that by law must be too low to get you high). Broad Spectrum extract is Full Spectrum without the THC. Isolate extract is pure CBD with all other plant components removed. Isolate can’t get you high and eliminates the risk of THC being detected by a drug test. The Reliable Relief CBD products we recommend are made from pure CBD Isolate without any THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that gets you high).

Also, CBD products are generally divided into two groups: Ingestible and topical. Ingestible examples include Tinctures and Oils, Capsules and Gummies. Topicals are applied to the skin and include creams and lotions. Topicals are generally used for relieving muscle and joint pain.

Become a Reliable Partner

Become a Recommending Partner

Recommending Partners are not required to buy any Reliable products for resale. Just recommend Reliable Relief CBD to your patients and earn a 25% commission on all Reliable CBD products they, and their friends, purchase online using your code or custom website domain.

How it works

When you determine CBD is indicated to provide relief to your patient, you (their provider) give them our informational handout, and recommend that they buy Reliable Relief CBD. If the patient or anyone else uses the discount code to buy Reliable CBD online, we send you a check for 25% of the sale.

Getting started

To get started, apply here, get approved, and we’ll get you setup right away.


  • A medical provider license
  • A place of business
  • An approved Reliable Partner Application

Become a Selling Partner

Selling Partners purchase Reliable CBD at a 50% discount. Stock the products you want to make available to your patients in your office, and at the same time give them your Provider Code so they can order other Reliable CBD products online. 

Free Shipping when ordering 10 or more units.

How it works

When you determine CBD is indicated to provide relief for your patient, either sell them Reliable Relief CBD from your inventory or give them our informational handout and refer them to the website. If the patient or anyone else uses the Provider Code to buy Reliable CBD, we send you a check for 25% of the sale.

Getting started

To get started, apply here, get approved, and purchase your products using your wholesale account.


  • A medical service provider license.
  • A place of business
  • Your state’s Resale Certificate or Tax ID number.
  • An approved Reliable Partner Application

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