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If you are 50 or older, unlock an instant 15% savings on our high quality, pure CBD.

Our mission is to make high quality CBD products affordable for everyone, especially for people 50 and over. 

Why CBD for Seniors? 

The Reliable Company was formed and is run by folks over 50 for folks 50 and over.

Older people have a greater need for affordable CBD, but many can’t afford to pay the ridiculously high prices charged online and in stores for the CBD products they need to get the relief they want.

As we get older we have more ailments needing CBD relief, and to get that relief we need to use more of it.  And whether your kids just moved out of the house or you’ve retired and are on a fixed income, you struggle to keep your monthly expenses as low as possible and still have the disposable income to pay for all the CBD you need.

How do we keep our prices so low for seniors? 

  • We source our CBD products from U.S. suppliers who meet our high quality and low cost standards. WE DO NOT SKIMP ON QUALITY!  All your products are made from industrial hemp grown in the USA on State regulated farms and processed in the USA in FDA Food Certified facilities.  And the products we receive are tested in registered independent testing laboratories so you can be assured what is on the label is what is in the bottle or jar. 
  • We tightly control our operating costs. Keeping it simple. No fancy packaging, no frills delivery, no fancy offices, no executive cars, (you get the idea).  We are always looking for ways to cut costs and expenses even more which we can then pass on to our 50+ Club Members.
  • Most importantly, many of our 50+ friends are customers too. We understand their need to reduce expenses and their need for relief from their ailments. We believe in the benefits of CBD and want to make it affordable for everyone.

How to save.

Buy your first product using our 15% Off for Seniors coupon and we will follow up how you can continue to save 15% on all your future orders.

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