No.  Let me repeat that, NO.  Hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD or any other cannabinoids.  None, zero, zilch, ninguno. 

Do a search for “CBD OIL” on sites like Amazon or eBay and you will see hundreds of products containing thousands of milligrams of “Hemp Seed Oil” or “Hemp Oil”, many being sold at ridiculously low prices, and all making big claims normally attributed to products containing CBD such as their amazing ability to relieve pain, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.  This is a monumental rip-off.  They don’t contain any CBD. The best that can be said of Hemp Seed Oil is that it contains Omega 3.  It’s best use is as a vegetable cooking oil or skin softener. 

Hemp seed oil is, however, a common “carrier oil” used to dilute CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD extracts in order to reach the CBD content shown on the product labels and in the Certificates of Analysis (COA) of true CBD products. 

A rule of thumb is – if you don’t see the term “CBD” on the label and the milligrams of CBD contained in the product listed on the label, and if the vendor does not give you an easy link to the product’s COA from an independent testing laboratory that clearly shows the cannabinoid content of the product – don’t buy it, it does not contain CBD.