CBD Oil to my Dog

Can I give human CBD Oil to my dog?  Yes.  CBD Oils / Tinctures formulated from CBD Isolate can be easily administered to your dog to safely relieve their occasional or chronic anxiety and stress, inflammation, pain from injuries, and arthritis and joint pain. 

Your pets can suffer from the same ailments as humans including arthritis, anxiety and pain from cancer.  Your body has a system that cannabinoids help us maintain homeostasis.  Your dog and cat actually have the same system to process cannabinoids that you have, so CBD (a cannabinoid) relieves their ailments in the same way it does for you.


First, you do not need to use a CBD product specifically labeled for use with your dog.  CBD is CBD.  Some CBD products labeled for pets include flavoring to increase their palatability especially if formulated from Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum extracts.  However, CBD Oils formulated from CBD Isolate are terpene and flavonoid free and are therefore odorless and tasteless, so additional flavorings are generally not needed or preferred for your pet.

Second, consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on CBD.  Two reasons for this.  First, the ailment you believe your dog has may not be the ailment they have.  Your vet should make the diagnosis from the hundreds of potential illnesses causing your pet’s problems.  Second, your pet’s CBD can increase the potency of their current or future medications. 

Third, make sure the product you use actually contains CBD.  There are literally hundreds of products flooding the market claiming the same benefits of CBD that don’t contain any CBD!  These are mainly formulated from Hemp Seed Oil which does not contain any CBD, or any other cannabinoid for that matter.  Avoid these products.  Only buy products that clearly state their CBD content on their label and offer easy access to their Certificate of Analysis (COA).


As true for people, you want to start with a low dosage and gradually increase that dosage over time until you find the optimal dose for maximum relief.  Higher dosages beyond the optimal dose are counterproductive.  CBD effectiveness actually falls off with CBD dosages higher than the optimal dose.  So monitor your pets’ response to determine the right dosage for them. 

As a rule of thumb, begin your pet’s dosage at 0.05mg for each pound of body weight twice per day, ideally in the morning and at night.  Then gradually increase the dosage to 0.1mg per pound and then to 0.2mg per pound.  Higher dosages will not harm your pet and may be needed for certain conditions.  However, if the dosage is too high, your pet may become lethargic. 


The best way to give your pet CBD oil is by putting it directly under its tongue, not ON the tongue but UNDER the tongue.  This gives fastest relief.  You can see results in 5 to 10 minutes.  However, putting it under the tongue can be problematic with some pets.  So, another way is to simply add the CBD oil to their food (if from made from CBD Isolate the oil will have no odor and taste like vegetable oil). 

Results can be expected to take 30 minutes or longer.  If you are using a CBD pain cream, simply rub a small dollop on your dog’s affected area until it no longer feels oily.  If the CBD is added to food or rubbed onto the skin, Results can be expected to take 30 minutes or longer. 

You will measure and administer your pet’s oil dosage as drops of liquid from the tincture’s dropper.  Note that the mg per drop of oil varies between your CBD concentration.  So always look for the mg / drop for your bottle’s concentration.  The table below shows the recommended starting dosage by your dog’s weight and by your tinctures CBD concentration:

CBD oil to my dog

1) For low dose, divide drops per pound by half, and for a high dose double the drops per pound

So, yes, you can give human CBD Oil to your dog.  Just match the dosage above to your dog’s weight.