A purported advantage of products made from Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum extracts over those made from CBD Isolates is the purported “Entourage Effect”. 

The entourage effect is a suspected but unproven theory that the more cannabinoid types a product contains, the more effective it will be per milligram of CBD.  In other words, Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum products should be more effective per milligram of CBD than products made from CBD Isolate because they contain a wide variety of cannabinoids while Isolate products contains only CBD. 

Anecdotal reports hint that this may in fact be the case, but to date it is just a theory not backed up by much evidence.  A 2010 study described the possible mechanisms of such an effect between CBD and THC, but definitive research data is needed to verify the paper’s conclusions. Further study is also needed to see if such an effect exists between CBD and the non-THC cannabinoids.

Until research shows otherwise, people who want to get the most relief from each dollar spent and want to avoid THC should stick with products made from CBD Isolate.